SSL Certificate Installation Instructions | Webcity

How to order and install an SSL Certificate

You will need:

  • Notepad
  • A web browser other than Internet Explorer
  • Your Cpanel details

Expected time to order the Certificate: 10-20 minutes
Installation time: 2 Days maximum

Step 1: Generating the CSR and Private Key

You will need to log into cpanel (http://your_domain/cpanel) and click on the SSL Manager. From here please select the Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) option.

You will now be presented with a list of questions which you will need to fill in, to generate a New Certificate Signing Request.

By default the key will be set to Generate a New 2048-Bit Key. ( Do not change it to your domain name ).

Under domains please place the domain name you wish to protect (eg www.your_domain OR your_domain as these are separate).

Once you have completed the form you will click Generate.

Once the process has completed you will see your Certificate Signing Request and your RSA Private Key, which are jumbled numbers and text bordered by "-"'s. Copy the lines with the "-"'s including everything between them into Notepad and save the file in an easy-to-remember location.

(You will not need to save the Decoded Certificate Signing Request and Decoded Key)

Step 2: Ordering The certificate

Please visit and select the certificate that best matches your needs. For first time users we recommend the Rapid SSL. The Premium SSL will also work with mobile phones while the top end Premium Certificates include a site seal from Geotrust to indicate you have an SSL Certificate installed.

After selecting which one to use it will take you to an order form and request the CSR (Certificate Signing Request, from Step 2 above). Please copy this into the required field. Ensure the domain field in the order matches the one you entered when you generated the Private Key and that the CSR field has no blank lines or spaces.

You will be asked to specify an approval email address, please ensure this is an active email address that you have access to. For the "webserver" field please select CPANEL. You will also be asked for another email address to deliver the SSL Certificate to. We recommend using the same email address you selected above.

Once this is done you will receive a welcome email and receipt in 2 different emails as well as an additional approval email from Geotrust. If you do not receive this within 30 minutes please give us a call on our support number. Once this is complete you will then be emailed the complete certificate a couple of minutes later.

Step 3: Ordering the install

Please visit once you have received the certificate. This form will be similar to the SSL order form, but requires the emailed certificate from Geotrust and the Private Key from the file you saved in Step 1. Once this is complete we will manually install the certificate within the next 48 hours and verify it is working.

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