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Cloud and why it's a fruitful investment.

In the current Australian Economy, Small to Medium-sized enterprise businesses are considered the backbone. With the increasing focus on small to medium size business to do more with less, the obvious choice in the market is Cloud or any form of cloud computing, a scalable flexible solution to tame their business technology.

Whether the business technology is managed by a team of in-house IT professionals or managed by a savvy business owner, business in the cloud represents many benefits and advantages to running a business:

Reduce Capital Expenditure

Although difficult for some businesses to quantify the cost savings of using the cloud, expensive technology and hardware requires an initial capital outlay plus maintenance and any other related expenses. Saving more money means a business owner can reallocate those resources to increase productivity and efficiencies.

Access Anytime Anywhere

Business Mobility will revolutionise the way we do business and build business relationships. Creating business mobility and anytime anywhere access without any hardware restraints is a winning formula.

Scalable Technology

With the option to Scale resources per business needs and demands, Cloud enables businesses to escape the large one-off payments of hardware and software thus making operational costs reduced. The pay as you go model is ideal for small to medium size businesses, why have servers that are underutilized? Saving money and having flexibility is a definite benefit of cloud computing.

Managed Services

Why have the added expense of employing an IT Technician? Whilst it may be effective and convenient, it’s a costly expense. Cloud hosting technology provides business owners peace of mind. A complete managed service saves money, increases response time when issues arise and business downtime is reduced drastically.

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